Going to multiple apparel shops yourself for shirts can consume a lot of your precious time. For men who have little to no time to spare, you have one more option – get a men’s monthly t-shirt subscription. Opting for one will help you keep your style fresh with minimal effort. Do you want to learn more about how these subscriptions work? Keep reading.

How Monthly T-Shirt Subscriptions Work

Signing up for a subscription from True Classic Tees will have premium shirts delivered straight to your door. This shopping method lets you purchase shirts from the comfort of your home. You also have total control over the tees you’ll get since they allow you to mix and match as you please.

Membership Perks

This company shows how they value their customers by providing them membership advantages. Besides getting huge discounts on every purchase, you can also exchange the points you get for free t-shirts. Receiving their box of premium tees will make you feel like it’s your birthday each month.

The Tiny House Project

True Classic Tees guarantees that each pack of shirts helps someone in need as well. As a participant in the Tiny House Project, True Classic Tees constantly strive to sustain community practices to eliminate homelessness.

Why Should You Subscribe to One?

Here are the benefits you’ll get if you sign up for a monthly t-shirt subscription.

Numerous Variations To Choose From

If you want to check out the tees they offer, you can go for a single or 3-pack subscription first. True Classic Tees offers numerous variations on their shirts’ sizes, colors, necklines, and sleeves. Having a wide selection allows them to cater to each client’s needs and preferences better.

Bigger Long-Term Savings

Getting a monthly shirt subscription might not seem budget-friendly at first glance. As mentioned earlier, this company provides various membership perks to its customers. You can utilize it to your advantage and save more money in the long run.

A More Convenient Way To Shop

Some of us get easily overwhelmed when there are too many choices available. True Classic Tees makes shopping more convenient by classifying their t-shirts into several categories. Whether you need just one shirt or you want 12 tees per month, they’ve got you covered.

Get 10% Off Your First Purchase.

The only thing you need to do is register for an account. Once you’ve accomplished this, you can unlock exciting perks and have access to exclusive rewards. The ‘Classic Points’ you’ll collect throughout the months can be converted to coupons to save yourself some cash. To get 10% off your first purchase, sign up for an account at True Classic Tees.