Every energy drink has different contents. Some only contain sugar and caffeine. In contrast, vitamin energy drinks contain herbal ingredients and vitamins. Vitamin energy drinks affect your body differently because of the herbal caffeine and different vitamins. We have prepared a guide about the effects after you drink vitamin energy drinks.

Caffeine enters blood circulation

Caffeine is stimulant because it can provide energy to the body. You cannot get an energy boost all day with caffeine because it body breaks down all the compounds quickly to detoxify. The caffeine will go to your intestine to get absorbed in your blood. Once the caffeine is in your blood, it will cross the blood-brain barrier to enter the brain and start the stimulation process. You will feel energized quickly after drinking the vitamin energy drink.

Vitamins enter the blood circulation

Vitamins take some time to get absorbed in the blood from the intestines. Swayenergydrink.com has many vitamins that can boost the energy of your body. When you drink something with only caffeine, you will get a short-term energy boost. As the vitamins reach the bloodstream after the caffeine has produced its action, you will get another energy boost. It is the second phase of an energy boost.

All other ingredients start action

Many energy drink producers are using herbal ingredients to improve the effect. They use herbal and other brain-improving ingredients to help your body manage energy in a better way. It is the third phase of vitamin energy drink action as all the ingredients are working in this phase. The caffeine and vitamin effects decrease while other herbal ingredient’s effects increase in your body. You can enjoy the benefits of this energy drink without the side effects.

Excretion and second dose

Your body has to excrete the active ingredients of the energy drinks to prevent the side effects. If the body does not get rid of these compounds, these can accumulate in the body and cause troubles. If you use energy drinks with synthetic sources, the process of excretion can get hard. You may face side effects related to kidneys and liver when you use low-quality energy drinks. When your body is free from the excess compounds, you can use the second dose of vitamin energy drink.